Frequently Asked Questions/Comments

Frequently Asked Questions and comments

How often should my nails be cut?

Each person is different. It entirely depends on how fast your nails grow. The last time they were cut (or you remember having them cut) would be a good indication. There are some clients I see every 6 weeks. I have other clients I see every 3 months.

Why do my nails grow so thick now that I’m older?

There can be several underlying medical conditions that can cause thick toenails. For example diabetes, impaired or decreased circulation, trauma, foot wear, fungal infections, etc. I, personally, do not recommend any medication for fungal infections. I suggest discussing options with your primary care person or pharmacist. Unfortunately, thickening of the nails can also be a normal part of aging.

Can I make an appointment in advance?

Due to my family’s schedule, I prefer not to book appointments in advance. Please call to set-up an appointment when your toenails are ready to be done.

Do you accept insurance?

No, insurance is not accepted. Private pay. Cash, check and sometimes Pay Pal is accepted (if cash or check is not an option for you).

Aren’t these the ugliest feet you’ve ever seen?

Everyone says this to me while I work on their feet. I can assure you that no one likes their feet. And no, I do not think anyone has ugly feet. Be happy with your feet- they’re your lifeline to get you places!

Can you cut my ingrown toenails for me?

No, I am a Certified Foot Care Nurse, but removing ingrown toenails is beyond my scope of practice. If this is needed, please discuss with your primary care person. Ingrown toenails must be cut/removed by a Nurse Practitioner or Podiatrist. Ingrown toenails are a big risk for infection and painful. The providers listed above can also prescribe any medications needed.

What is all done for my foot care appointment?  And what do I need to provide for you?

*You can expect a typical appointment to last about 1 hr* I have client’s provide towels and something that can recline their feet. However, if you do not have a recliner or foot stool, I do bring a portable stool with me to help elevate your feet.

Foot Soak  (if needed a basin can be provided at no extra charge for you to keep). Clients can soak their feet for 15-20 min before our appointment. However, if it is not safe for you to fill and carry a basin of water (which can be heavy), wait until I am there to do this for you. Safety is #1 for you!

Assessment a fancy way of saying I’ll take a look at your feet. Please note if you have questions or concerns regarding medical conditions, these questions should be directed to your primary care provider for further investigation.

Nail Debridement– cleaning under nails

Toenail trimming- nail nipper is used

Filing toenails with Dremel tool- an electric file

Lotion feet/lower legs- we can use a lotion you prefer or use the lotion I provide, which is Eucerin non-perfume and rich.

Assistance to put on socks/shoes

Clean-up- shake out towels, dump water, and vacuum.