Trim and Chat Foot Care provides the following services at your own home:

  • Foot Soak (a basin can be provided at no extra charge for you to keep)
  • Foot Assessment (skin, in-between toes, bottom of feet, pulse checks, and sensory)
  • Nail Debridement (cleaning under nails and checking blood supply, as well as for anything painful)
  • Toenail trimming
  • Filing with Dremel tool
  • Lotion feet/lower legs (no lotion in-between toes for diabetics or those with fungus issues)
  • Help putting on socks/shoes
  • Clean-up (shake out towels, dump water, and vacuum.

**No massages provided**

Cost per visit is $35

Mileage: The first 35 miles are free. Add $15 for further distances.